Bryn Jones, VP

Mortgage Broker Lic.#: M08003224

Experienced quality Mortgage Brokers are needed more than ever in today's changing financing environment. Recent changes to legislation have made it more difficult to qualify for a mortgage even in this record low interest rate market. No matter what the situation, chances are most consumers are affected by the changes. Borrowers need an expert on their side. I can help.

With over 40 years professional experience in mortgage financing, my clients know they can rely on my advice and experience to get the financing they need. When you really need a reliable professional to obtain financing right the first time.. call or email me. The landscape of financing is changing everyday, rule changes introduced by the Federal Government are restricting the eligibility for mortgage approvals. Determining client eligibility for a mortgage is critical before clients make decisions to buy a property or refinance an existing property. I am the expert who can help. My services are mostly no cost and always with the most competitive rates on the market.

Specialties: Never a better time to consolidate your debts than right now. Why?? 1. Record low mortgage rates. 2. Canadian debt levels are at all time highs. Think about it, credit cards at 14%, 16% or 18% interest, loans, lines of credit, have you looked at what the costs are?? 3. Cash flow. What if I showed you a way to reduce your monthly payments, and lower interest costs??

Areas of focus: York Region, GTA

Marisa Battaglini, Principal Broker

Mortgage Agent Lic.#: M08003012

Areas of focus: York Region, GTA

Chandra Dindyal

Mortgage Agent Lic: M20001652

Chandra has a passion for assisting clients with various real estate and mortgage needs. Clients are impressed by the dedication and effort I put into making sure that they receive top quality service and amazing results.

Steve Dindyal

Mortgage Agent Lic.: M10000701

Steve uses his 20 years of experience to help his customers with their financial and Real Estate needs. He is a Real Estate Sales Representative specializing in Residential, Commercial, Investment and Leasing. Discover why I love real estate and why I am the best choice for you.

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